Our Philosophy

It’s possible to spend many years doing jobs that aren't necessarily philanthropic, altruistic, or even fulfilling. We, however, have been lucky enough to have had careers where we were able to touch peoples lives, and help young athletes learn and grow. As we start this new venture, we want to continue to make a difference.  We are excited about giving back – supporting our community just as they support us. While this Essential Oil Supply business is new to us, we knew that we wanted to start right away to give back in some capacity, even if it means starting small. It is our hope to inspire others to do the same. Our goal is to find multiple avenues to give back, find places that fit with us, and with our community. 

Do you know of a place that could benefit from a little more support? Please email hey@allthethingsessential.ca to tell us about the organization and how we can get in touch with them!