Natural Zebra Jasper & Lava Aroma Bracelet

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These great natural Lava bracelets allow you to diffuse your favourite oils wherever you go, while looking fabulous!


  • Petite 8mm Natural Lava Beads
  • Natural Zebra Jasper Beads, Matte Frosted Surface
  • Stretch Cord
  • Inside circumference of bracelet approx. 6.5 - 7"
  • *Stones may appear larger in photos

Essential Oil Application: Using your fingers, rub your favourite essential oil onto the surface of the lava beads. The surface may not absorb the oil quickly, but it will! Rub any excess oil onto wrists if you are not sensitive to direct application. 


Due to the natural nature of each lava stone, and all our pieces are made by hand, please expect some variations. All photos are "stock" unless noted otherwise in the listing.

* Buyer is responsible for proper use and knowledge of essential oils that may be used in conjunction with our jewelry, as we are not an essential oil provider or educator. *

Our jewelry is handmade just for you in Canada!