Organic Cotton Produce Bags

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Hand crafted in Canada.  Made from 100% Organic Cotton.


Decrease your plastic waste with these great reusable drawstring bags! Bring them to your grocery store, market or bulk store and fill them with all your favourite things! Fresh fruits and vegetables, snacks, whatever will fit. Secure all your goodies with the drawstring at the top. When you get home, transfer your purchases to their containers or the refrigerator, wash the Produce Bags, then reuse for the next shopping trip! 

It's amazing how much waste these bags can eliminate over their lifetime! 

These bags are also handy for organization, travel, gym bag, you can wrap presents in them, harvesting from the garden, lunch bags, drying herbs, bread bags, and so many more options!

Care Instructions:

  1. Wash with cool water after every use.
  2. Air dry (as this is a natural fabric)

Package includes: 3 - 10x14" bags, and a bonus 7x8" bag that we've used as the packaging!