Organic Cotton Tote Bag

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Made in Canada

Medium size reusable organic cotton tote bag for All your Things!

The "Zero / Low Waste" movement is a lifestyle! 
Making the decision to be mindful and not to use disposable plastic or paper bags is a small and simple change that each one of us can make. A conscious choice now, that becomes second nature later.

Premium canvas tote bags are made of 100% natural cotton in bulk - 8oz

Machine Washable: Cotton canvas tote bags are machine washable and reusable. Hang to dry. Do not put in dryer. 

Eco-Friendly: Natural and reusable material. Non-Toxic bags are reusable for unlimited storage, which save the environment compared to paper or plastic bags. 

Multi-purpose: Great for use as a beach or souvenir tote, reusable grocery bag, or picnic bag!

Note: As cotton is a natural fibre and our fabrics are untreated, it is normal that they will shrink an average 5-10%. Washing instructions are on every bag – always wash in cold water and lay flat to dry  (never put bags in the dryer).